Small Form Factor PC's

Custom Built Small Form Factor PC

Custom OS: Custom OS installs are possible through drive cloning services.  We can provide the setup you need for your business. Systems ready to roll out of the box with your custom software setup.

Sourcing and Brand: We can package systems with your branding and marketing materials for direct delivery to your customers. 

Single Application: Single applications PC's for control systems, security, milling, routing, point of sale systems and more.

Industrial PC's: Small form factor and embedded hardware PC's for rack mount and compact solutions.

Partnership:  We partner with business clients to help forecast and plan for long life solutions. Partnership strategies include keeping our customers up to date with the lifecycle of the hardware they require for their specific industrial small form factor computer systems and working to find alternative solutions for end of life hardware. Our goal is to keep you ahead of the curve so your business avoids unexpected delays and keeps running smoothly.

Volume Ordering: We can accommodate any size custom manufacturing run from 1 to 1000.

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