Barebones PC's

Barebone PC upgrade kits
barebone system, barebones system ( slang) a partly assembled computer consisting of just the "bare bones" of the system, usually a case, power supply, and motherboard with no memory or disk drives. Source: www.allbusiness.com/glossaries/barebone-system-barebones.
If you are looking for a great PC at half the cost, CPU Solutions barebones desktop computer systems are a great place to start! Configure your new barebones computer by clicking a category below. Get only the things you need and don't pay for expensive extras you will never use with a barebones PC system. 
Barebones Systems assembled and tested by CPU Solutions. Barebones computer kits include a Power-On Self Test (POST), a system temperature check in the BIOS, and a Memory test. A Barebone Build and Test System will be Tested "overnight" before it will ship.**Please note Barebones systems do not include OS Install if you want OS Installed Please  choose one of the System Build options**

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