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Barebone Build and Test - Requires 2-5 Business days

A Barebones System includes the base components for a computer system: a case, power supply, mainboard, and CPU. It may also include any combination of RAM, video adapter, hard drive, CD-ROM, or other accessories, but only a Full system incorporates all of these components together.
Product Details
Barebones Systems assembled and tested by CPU Solutions. Includes a Power-On Self Test (POST), a system temperature check BIOS update (if required), a Memory test and basic OS Install. A Barebone Build and Test System will be Tested "overnight" before it will ship.
RMA for Barebones Systems.
If there is a problem with a Barebones System, please contact CPU Solutions technical support for troubleshooting assistance and standard warranty service/RMA. Shipping fees will be necessary in order to return the system for warranty service. CPU Solutions will pay return shipping costs only if the products are tested and confirmed defective.
Barebone Build and Test - Requires 2-5 Business days
Barebone Build and Test - Requires 2-5 Business days
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